Big Data & Analytics, to transform data into information

How to deal with the very current topic of Big Data with a methodological and structured approach?
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AIDC, RFID, NFC, smart label, Internet of Things

Internet of Things, transmission and storage of data in objects, AIDC, RFID, NFC, QR Code: the answer to every need of conveying information

AdES – Advanced Electronic Signature

The graphometric signature on tablet and smartphone eliminates the physical storage and is among the most widely used solutions for Advanced Electronic Signature.

Digital media | Multimedia Digitization

Digital media | Multimedia Digitization - Digitizing from audio-visual or written paper documents, cataloging, indexing and archiving.

Outsourcing, Cloud, Technical Assistance

With our infrastructure services technology we can assure our customers a constantly updated and integrated ICT environment and the right technical support to the users.
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Infrastructure Monitoring, IP networks and TLC

The information technology and telecommunications, they are the pillars on which rests the society of digital communication. SCAI Connect offers companies operating in telecommunications, data centers and companies that pay attention to connectivity, expertise in telecommunications network management and IP infrastructure
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Credit Management and Customer Relationship

Do you want to improve your working capital? It's time to improve communications with your customers. This is the "Customer Intimacy".

Mobile App Multiplatform

The Mobile Division of Gruppo SCAI has developed a new platform for rapid development of cross-platform mobile app, strong and solid to offer to businesses.
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Real Estate Management Software

REALGIMM, Real Estate Management Software integrated and modular solution, allows to manage all phases of the Real Estate processes with efficiency.
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Corporate Financial Risk Management

Dianos Dealer Wizard allows corporate to manage in a complete, automated and flexible way, all financial instruments, including the most complex, with instruments of Deal Management, Risk Analysis and Management of covers, offering useful tools for decision support