When companies look for the right ICT partner, they need to find a System Integrator that can respond promptly and effectively with flexibility in offering the best solutions to their needs: digital innovation and business transformation.

A System Integrator must have rapidity, flexibility and efficiency in responding to customer needs. Gruppo SCAI focuses on the excellence of the offered services and solutions. Thanks to its organization it is able to anticipate market requirements meeting the rapid changing in IT services. For companies it is important to rely on a partner that offers the best guarantees in terms of quality, with an organization and an efficient structure, that takes the best methodologies and best practices.

The Organization Gruppo SCAI

The parent company SCAI holding, offers support services of the highest level to the company in the network: capabilities, structure, models and expertise. This ensures the quality of the solutions and services offered: the “quality mark” of SCAI. Our Customers can find in the network of Gruppo SCAI the best answer to their needs.


Technology changes quickly, so it is important to have the right people at the right time.

Companies have to face an increasingly dynamic reality, that requires a continuous upgrading of competences: new technologies require a specific preparation, organization and method. The recruiting area of the Group continuously carries out activities of selection and it can responds promptly to any business need for professional skills.

The real added value, the most important strategic asset of Gruppo SCAI, is its human capital: a network of more than 1,400 employees and constantly select bright young and skilled technicians.


You never stop learning: technology, programming languages, frameworks, systems and development environments, methodologies, architectures etc… they evolve rapidly.

The need for digital innovation impacts heavily on the expertise required by companies. Some of the competences available are obsolete and require training on the latest technologies. There is therefore the need to update very quickly the skills to meet the needs of a very dynamic market: specialized training has become a key component of business growth.

Gruppo SCAI has strong internal needs of training: professional training and preparation of new employees. SCAI has develop over time with trainers, internal learning systems and materials in order to form the best specialists in programming, frameworks, technologies and platforms.


To deal with an increasingly dynamic and competitive economy, in addition to technical skills, we need to adopt the right methodological approach for project & change management.

Managing a network of companies requires commitment, service orientation, closeness and support. These are the main pillars of our of Business Solution team at Gruppo SCAI. A team always there, able to manage in real time all requirements of all the companies in the Group.


Planning and project management, according to the most widespread development methodologies.

The Delivery area enables an efficient management of all projects and outsourcing services. The team of project managers, with decades of experience and expertise on methodologies in use in the market, allow a shared use of the resources that can saves costs, and at the same time, ensures a guarantee of the results, according to the Customer’s needs.


Research and experimentation centers across the country, with focus on solutions and technologies.

To examine in depth some arguments of strategic interest, Gruppo SCAI manages its technology lab at its headquarters. The most important is in Bologna where the lab deals with issues relating to Logical Security and Digital Signature. The laboratory is responsible for experimenting with new solutions as well as for continuously update and enrich the product portfolio to offer customers the most innovative solutions.


Gruppo SCAI has always invested in the future through research and development, which are meant to interpret new market trends and test new technologies, solutions, services, languages and frameworks, to turn them into opportunities.

In our laboratories active across Italy, with the collaboration of the most prestigious universities, there are several projects activated each year. These projects enable the updating and continuous training of personnel, and they allow the creation of new products that increase the value proposition of the Group.