The companies of Gruppo SCAI



SCAI Società di Consulenza Aziendale per l’Informatica (Information Technology Consulting Company) – has been active since 1973 in the ICT sector, one of the first private companies in Italy in the field. Since July 2013, SCAI Spa is the holding company of Gruppo SCAI, responsible for policy and service throughout the Network.

System Integration, Solutions and Services

IT Euro Consulting

IT Euro Consulting, based in Padua, since over 15 years offers Consulting Services, System Integration and Application Management. Today it is one of the largest ICT companies in northeastern Italy, reliable partner for any kind of solution, project or service modeled on the specific needs of managerial application or customer in Banking and Insurance sectors, Industry, Public Administration and Services.

Finance Platform for Banking and Corporate

SCAI Capital

SCAI Capital was founded in 2013 with a strong experience from companies like Dianos, founded in 1987, and other companies, with the purpose to offer the best solutions in the field of finance to banks and non-financial companies, with an integrated platform. It offers to industrial and services companies in all sectors, IT solutions and best practices for managing financial risks (interest rate, currency, commodity) and working capital. For the banking sector it offers application solutions for capital markets.

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Networking, TLC – Telecommunications, IP networks

SCAI Connect

SCAI Connect has strong competences and experience in the world of telecommunications, for the management of applications, security, IP networks and ICT infrastructure; provides Consulting, Application Engineering and Infrastructure Management together with a Network Monitoring solution for the management of IP networks.

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Public Administration, Industry, Services, Real Estate, Outsourcing, R&D

SCAI Consulting

SCAI Consulting was founded in 2013 to offer Public Administration, industrial and service companies, expertise, consulting services and solutions based on Service Oriented Architecture, mobile with “ad hoc” development in the areas of Real Estate / Facility Management, Digital Media, Security & Networking, IT solution for Transport and other operational areas, optimizing the technical, functional and organizational capabilities of Gruppo SCAI.

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Banking, Insurance

SCAI Finance

SCAI Finance was founded in 2013 to provide ICT solutions and services in Banking and Insurance field to promote, with a company specifically dedicated to finance, the significant experiences that have allowed SCAI to reach peaks of excellence in this area, optimizing the best technical skills, functional and organizational expertise gained in over forty years of activity.

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R&D, Facilitated Finance, Fashion


SCAI Lab, based in Cosenza, is the training center and R&D of Gruppo SCAI that provides Consulting and System integration in Southern Italy. Thanks to institutional relations in the area, SCAI Lab can help business companies in research projects, offering organic and/or training opportunities, providing valuable services for application outsourcing and with the development of near shoring ICT solutions.

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System Integration, Business Development

SCAI Polska

SCAI Polska, based in Warsaw, Poland, support business development of Italian and European companies in all sectors (with strong expertise in rail and transportation industries), offering administrative, technical and logistic support.
SCAI Polska offers System Integration and IT Consulting in Poland, providing the polish market with the solutions and services of Gruppo SCAI and of the network of partners.

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Lean It, Web Solutions, Fleet, Application & Data Management

SCAI Tecno

SCAI Tecno offers a dynamic and flexible approach that makes it is a qualified partner for services and IT solutions, with activities ranging from accurate consulting in technology or process matters, to selective outsourcing and development of vertical solutions.
Among the main services offered: fleet management, application management, data management, web solutions.

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Cybersecurity, encryption, DB compression, data security


Telvox is specialized in Data Security, and offers companies consulting services, and solutions for the protection of communication and information, with encryption, digital signature, remote, electronic and graphometric signature, secure single sign on, application security, compression, indexing and data searching on large databases on different platforms.

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