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Software development projects: Agile Methodologies and Practices

Software development: in a changing scenario, a development group needs a more responsive and adaptable model. Scrum, Kanban, TDD ..

SCAI Capital on the rooftop of the Alps: Mont Blanc

SCAI Capital on top of the Alps: Mont Blanc at 4810 m. A prestigious destination is conquered step by step with effort, perseverance and sacrifice. With the same commitment and the same tenacity we face new challenges every day to achieve, together with our customers, the most ambitious goals.
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Big Data & Analytics, to transform data into information

How to deal with the very current topic of Big Data with a methodological and structured approach?
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IMU, TASI, TARI, Local Tax: the benefits of a property management software

Gruppo SCAI offers companies integrated software solutions for property management to comply with its tax obligations and all other necessities
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